15th Annual Tour of Artists' Homes & Studios
Purchase tickets at Larson Gallery, Oak Hollow & Yakima Bindery
Tickets may also be purchased on the day of the tour at each home or studio

Janie & Cliff Plath, Collectors
1104 N. 79th Ave., Yakima
Cliff and Janie Plath are dedicated to improving quality of life for people in our community. They have diverse interests that range from therapeutic horseback riding to providing early learning for children. Many local arts organizations have received financial support from the Plaths so that more children and adults can engage with art. These organizations have included 11th Avenue Ballet School’s Art in Motion, Capitol Theatre, Warehouse Theatre, Larson Gallery Guild, The Seasons, and Allied Arts of Yakima Valley.

The Plaths have opened their home to the Tour this year to share some of their prized art collection that includes a recently painted Leo Adams dining room “ floor rug”. Their home, designed by Stuart Silk Architects, is located above Cowiche Canyon, the property characterized by rugged cliffs and outcroppings with softly rolling hills in the background. The architectural forms integrate the rugged, stark qualities of the site and provide a seamless bridge between the natural and the man-made. Low-sloping roofs mirror the soft curves of rolling hills while the stone clad walls complement the rugged cliffs nearby. Janie recently said, “We have loved growing, changing and evolving with this home over the years. The house, being a piece of art in its own right, is full of beloved local artists as well as some groovy imports. A mix that can challenge and hopefully make one feel welcomed and comfortable.”

Sue Grimshaw, Artist
2430 S. Naches Rd., Naches
Sue Grimshaw approaches drawing as a “process” involving the “layering of colors and textures to achieve realistic and abstract images” that often evoke three-dimensional characteristics. Grimshaw’s multi-media approach includes fiber art, basketry, drawing, jewelry, collage, and book arts, and illustrates her “emotional ties to places, objects, and events” of her life. The artist also draws inspiration from ancient cultural iconography and symbols. She summarizes, “Visual imagery is language.”

Her life as an artist is what it is–a continual journey into juxtaposition of visual images, environments, places, and experiences. Sue combines things that otherwise would not go together. She weaves, overlaps, and invites the viewer to explore the drawing, basket, or wearable art to see more than what is on the surface.

Also showing at this home: Lucy Valderhaug, Katie Hall, and Carol DeGrave

Goathead Press, Artists
608 Wisconsin Ave., Tieton
Goathead Press is a thousand square foot studio located inside the Mighty Tieton Warehouse. It was deigned and built by Kerry Quint and Robert Jones in 2008, and it is managed and operated by Fay Jones and Karen Quint. The presses include a Conrad relief printing press, a Griffin press, and an Ettan press. In the past five years Goathead Press has published a portfolio of prints by the Mighty Tieton community, exhibited an invitational show of over 100 prints from the Northwest and Mexico, hosted several artists in residence, and run workshops in monoprinting, etching, photo lithography and moku hanga woodblock printing.

Artists who will be present to sell their work during the tour include Jean Behnke, Fay Jones, Robert C. Jones, Karen Quint, Kerry Quint, Jon Merrell, Lindsey Merrell, Adi Segal, and Sandra Westford.

Jon, Lindsey, Fay and Karen will give demonstrations and have blocks that kids and adults can print during the open house.

Tom Hausken, Artist
390 Pioneer Way, Yakima
Born Minneapolis Minnesota 1962, Hausken gradated from Seattle Pacific University 1985. Hausken received the Clowes Foundation Award for Painting in 2009, and a Full Fellowship Residency at the Vermont Studio Center in October 2010. His work can be found in numerous public and private collections.

Tom paints about the subtle realms of existence, of mundane daily tasks, of the work required to love or hate, the disparities of life, the inequalities, the conflicts and triumphs of the here and now, the gritty stuff of life. He uses a very abstracted language to express his thoughts; the paintings contain no decipherable text, no cognates and no grammar. They are personal markers, a notch in a branch along the road, a signal to show where he has been or perhaps a warning not to pass this way again.

The mechanics of applying pigments to various substrates holds a great deal of interest for Hausken. He loves to work and re-work a painting: scraping, cutting, layering, heaving loaded brushes at the paintings surface, creating color fields, splatters and drips. He accept flaws, erasures and concealments as necessary. Materials are chosen for their unique contributions. At a very elemental level the process of painting is a series of yes and no events ending in a yes.

Leo Adams, Artist
3205 S. 62nd Ave., Yakima
Leo Adams has been a feature on the Tour since its inaugural year, generously inviting the public and other local artists into his home. His home has been featured in many important architecture and design publications. The house is a work of art and shaped by the surrounding environment. “It’s kind of a brown house, matching the colors of the landscape. All the colors on the landscape are on the inside of the house, which gives it a natural feeling,” Adams said. “I like the view and the big hills and the sky, the big blue sky.” Leo is a “nature lover” who gains inspiration from the outdoors. He alters his home with the changing seasons and the passing years. In September, 2013, his home was fully documented in a book, “Leo Adams: Art.Home”, Marquand Publishing, so that it can continue to influence and inspire generations to come.

Leo will feature his new abstract and landscape acrylic paintings along with work of local artists Elizabeth Freitag, Penn Shelton, Sandra Westford, Cheryl LaFlamme, Richard Nicksic, Ann Marta Bowker, Susan Wise, and John Barany.

Brian Holtzinger, Artist
703 S 1st Ave., Yakima
Artist Brian Holtzinger’s oil paintings include ordinary objects and items found in daily life - cigarettes, liquor bottles, plates of food, fish... But Holtzinger uses these interesting groupings of objects to create intriguing scenes. His work makes the mind wander. “I have always thought of my work as short stories,” Brian states, “using everyday images and situations to create my stories.” Tour participants will get a treat in viewing Brian’s collection of Americana and intriguing quirky objects that will draw them into discussion with the artist.

Holtzinger earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Master of Fine Arts from University of Oklahoma. He has shown extensively, including solo exhibits at Travel Sutton Gallery in Seattle; Paris Gibson Gallery in Great Falls, Montana; and Anne Reed Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. He has work in many collections including The Art Institute of Chicago; George Segal Collection in Belair, California; Yee Jan Bao Collection in Dallas, Texas; and Lightwell Gallery in Norman, Oklahoma.

Also showing at this studio: Mike Hiler